Ours systems can be purchased in 4 different ways


Bulk Parts: All our products (pipes, connectors, conveyors and accessories) can be prchased

individually or in boxes.



Kitted Structures (Self-Build): DENMAR-TECH can supply the pre-cut pipes with the appropriate amount of connectors and accessories according to your specifications so that you realise your project.



Assembled structures (Design and Build): DENMAR-TECH will provide a finished product assembled from start

to finish. Including consultation, design to your specifications.


Design (Design and  Self-Build): Designers and technicians from DENMAR-TECH will develop your custom project

and determine the amount of material required to complete your project.


For customers who wish to make their own projects, DENMAR-TECH also offers free training workshops lasting

approximately 6 hours at our factory in Mirabel. At the end of this training, the candidates will have all the

knowledge to carry out their project. Please contact us for more information.










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