The limit of our products is the imagination of his user.

CUSTOM MADE CONCEPTION of workspace and much more...

Our designer and technicians will assist you in the development of your project. They will advise you on the materials and they will show your elaborate plans of your project.



The technician at DENMAR-TECH ensure an assembling of quality. In a majority of cases, the delivered product is ready to be use.


Sell of parts

All of our parts can be purchase by the unit or by the box, no minimum. If your purchase is done before 10 am, the delivery can be done the next day depending your region.


Identification tag

With the help of our lazer, we can cut and engrave all kind of identification tag with different materials like laminated plastic which come in a large variety of colours.


Drawer foam

DENMAR-TECH can make foam to fit and to organize any drawer. The foam we use is EVA which is high quality and come in a variety of colours. We cut the foam in a very precise way. You can send us the drawing of your tools or we can come to your location and take the footprint of your tools.


Tools shadowing

It's in the same range as the drawer foam, since it helps you identifies your tools and to place them on the board. It's made out of vinyle sticker. The shadow can be shape accordingly to your drawing or we can come to your location and foothprint your tools.


ATA Cases

DENMAR-TECH also has a department that builds and manufacture transportation cases. Our cases are custom made accordingly to your demands. We can also integrate EVA foam to protect your pieces of values.


Aluminium profiles

Since we use the product 80/20, DENMAR-TECH can also manufacture structure of aluminium profiles like carts, workstation and more.


Digital cut

CAO/FAO, all the pieces are digitaly cut with a routeur CNC.